Treasures of the Royal Court: Tudors ,Stuarts and Russian Tsars presented at The Victoria and Albert Museum, tells the tale of the british monarchies trade and cultural exchanges allying Britain and Russia between the dates of 1509 – 1685.As soon as you walk into the room you feel like you’ve entered a palace , welcomed by King Henry VII’s Knights.

We we’re introduced to a world of lavishly intricate gifts exchanged between the royals and sovereignties , gifts of intimacy and thanks ranging from alluring gold gilded Portrait lockets to ornate carved ivory and steel sabres encrusted with mother of pearl.

The V&A andThe Moscow Kremlin Museums bought together some of the most magnificent works of art collected from museums throughout Europe .Each artefact has its own story to sell.

The retrospective starts on the 14th of March 2013 and Finishes 14th of july , with special events during the period .Including ‘Friday Late with MasterCard :White Nights’ taking its influence from the traditional white nights festival in St petersburg .The V&A Presents a night of the arts;drama, music ,art and engaging activities on the 31st May 2013 18:30 – 22.00 , with many other events on other dates.

The exhibition coincides with the publishing of the book ‘Treasures of the royal courts:Tudors Stuarts & the Russians Tsars’ As engaging as the exhibition, the books supplies an authoritative ,beautifully photographed representation of the upper regals of both Russian and British societies in the 16th century .Showcasing artefacts found in the exhibit at the V&A including heraldries,textiles,miniatures portraits and jewellery put together by The Victoria and Albert Museums Tessa Murdoch and The Moscow Kremlin Museums Olga Dmitrieva published by V&A Publishing, £24.99

As if this exhibition wasn’t offering enough ,the V&A also teamed up with Bill Skinner of Van Cleef and Arpels and Asprey and have exclusively put on sale exquisitely detailed fashionable pieces of jewellery pulling influences from the exhibits of the Royal court.Ranging from lion and unicorn cufflinks at £30 to Rhodium and Swarovski crystal Lace cuff bracelet at £250.

Treasures of the royal courts is bound to wow everyone, old and young.As you stand back ,the meticulous detail and craft work makes you want to see more.The relics draw you in to its beauty, which is why you surely will not be disappointed .






Verdict: ••••

Jasmin Toresse


Ticket Prices are as : Admission is £9.00 (+1.20 booking fee per ticket), Concessions ranging from £6.00 — £8.00 

For further information on the exhibit go to: http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/exhibitions/treasures-of-the-royal-courts/

V&A Members preview day: £12 (including tea and coffee),8th march 2013 15.00 – 16.00 [talk]; 16.00 – 16.30 [refreshments]
Including Daytime Talk from Tessa Murdoch.