Sam and Howard Lawrence


Awaiting Disclosure’s the forthcoming Vinyl release White Noise ft AlunaGeorge released on the 25th of March 2013  ., Disclosure sell out there headlining gig on the 7th of March 2013 at the fabulous London club Heaven – and they truly tore the place down.

Bringing back beautiful future Disco chords through 808-esque house beats, South London brothers Sam and Howard Lawrence supply music you can’t help to dance to. Being able to bounce off each other’s musical imaginations, bringing together a fully live experience producing,and beat-making electronically and acoustically. 


The crowd was exhilarating with the music energising them every step, as soon as you could hear those familiar 80’s drum beats you know it’s vocalist Sam Smith’s time to shine, his flowing melodies over Disclosure’s Latch set the crowd overload into a all singing dancing frenzy.

Disclosure told the event goers prior to the show that they we’re going to make a few videos made up of footage filmed by the crowd which will be published on in the coming weeks.

The duo droped in some great re-fixed club classics in-between playing tracks from their latest EP ‘The Face’

Last but definitely not least AlunaGeorge joins the stage for one last song, their latest single charting second in the UK chart White Noise (released on iTunes ) . Combining Aluna Francis’s (known as one part of the duo AlunaGeorge) unique London soulful sound and Sam and Howard Lawrence’s ultimate duo ? production skills, they made a definite “club banger” remixed – recently remixed by the likes of Hudson Mohakwe – this song is sure to be a hit in 2013 . The tune screams disco and the crowd responded phenomenally shouting back every lyric. 

Essentially Disclosure did far but fail, with tune after tune of classics and future classics, the power that the brothers put into the music was clearly shown through the crowd’s elation. Disclosure we’re getting down with the grooves and so for sure we’re we.



Verdict: •••••

Jasmin Toresse