Boss of SumTingNew Records Cotti ,after joining the Dubstep scene in the year of 2005 and taking the club scene by storm with hits suck as ‘I Don’t Give A Dub’ takes on his new Hip Hop alias Kalm Kotz. Switching it over from Dub-Step to Hip hop ,Cotti starting experimenting with the idea in 2011,releasing his Mixtape in 2013 it includes deep trap flavours to classic Hip Hop beats. Cotti’s transition into Hip Hop brings him into a new style .With him not just producing but rapping and even singing too.

Kalm Kotz’s Debut solo Rap Mixtape- They Never Knew Mix tape

The tune we’ve got on repeat : Leaving A Mark – Kalm Kotz ft Yo Fizze

Out Now downloadable from