2011 :The Skream Disco Pagoda Firework countdown special

What an amazing place Secret Garden Party Is , Set in a idilic country setting  in Abbots Langley around a big useable lake (for swimming and boating!) SGP Is a haven for individualism and to be who you want to be .Everyones welcome , one and all

Skream the cult dubstep Dj/Producer performed as the special guest on the Pagoda by the lake @ Secret Garden party 2011 ,Skream joined with about 100 guests partied down till they the Pirate Technics set lit to the lakes centrepiece the dragonfly , toarch barrers gathered around the lake performing fire dances , then finally it all blew off !!


I Worked on the site a week prior to the festival .The pagoda was my preferred chillaxing spot, It was one of the most beautiful place to relax with the sun bouncing off the lake into your face.

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