Guerilla Hugs is exactly as stated Spontaneous Hugging ,Whenever ,Where ever .Leading a hug revolution to streets near you . Brain child of this movement , While researching for her Positive psychology degree and reminiscing on her life Majella Greene )MSc Ma) kept asking herself , where is the vital ‘Touch’ element in all this ? and so she commenced her mission.

Guerilla Hugs is all about random acts of kindness , Giving you and the precipitant and increase in NATURAL serotonin .Creating awareness about the importance of a simple gesture.

Touch is a vital key to any joyful life  .A life without physical interaction becomes a very sad one at that . Imagine an old woman in a residential home ,with no partner and not many relatives to visit her , every hug and touch increases Serotonin  which helps in leading a happy joyful life

Where have Guerrilla Hugs been? (Click here for more info) :

Hugging Japan

Carnaby street

Tottenham London Riots


South Yorkshire


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