david chou

Well known American-Korean Painter , Muralist and Graffiti artist David Choe expands his art mediums by taking on his own natural paint source , Blood. With being extremely sensitive to nose bleeds ,he layers his blood accordingly to create different tones of red creating what i can only describe as a cleverly composed crimson masterpiece.

“I’ve had my nose broken 5 times over my life, so my nose is sensitive and I bleed easily, being the Artist fag that I am. I bleed a lot over canvas and paper, smear it around and try to turn it in to something. The problem being blood turns brown, scabs up and crusts off the page. So now I put matte medium over the blood to seal in the freshness but it’s never as good, like fucking with a condom.” – Blood Paintings by David Choe


For more info about this artist check out his official website David Choe