This picture was taken at the Park lane mansion party 16th/17th February 2010

It was a monumental Night out.

After popping down to my local Multi rig Warehouse rave last night, the promotors promised ‘COMPLETELY INSANE NIGHT FILLED WITH THE NAUGHTIEST MINDBENDING MINDMELTING FILTH’

Which only turned into an Underage Skrillex Concert full of ketamine driven guys striking there pouts and bass faces and scantly dressed underage girls buzzing off their tits on MDMA .

As we await the rave in the line everywhere around us these ‘Youths’ are talking about there drugged up experiences while waiting to go into a rave where they will be doing exactly what there talking about .This is allcrazy to me ,Is a rave not about the music the feelings you get from the crowds and dj ? I felt like a Grandma looking down at these youths ,shaking my head and praying that inside will be better . Even though we got the the location before 12 by the time we got to pay we had to pay £15 each , which you can allow as long as you pay for what the tin says .Which we later discovered it didn’t.

3 Rooms of under 18’s .One room supplying some extremely Skrillex sounding music ,It was simply death to my ears and eyes .As an avid music lover i never find it hard to dance anywhere let alone a rave, im even partial to a bit of cheese here and there . But this was really unbearable ,my thoughts came to the conclusion that the only way to enjoy this hell hole would be to pushingly induce my body wiith serotonin so i could ease into this bad dream , but better not waste my time ey?

The night was full of classic conversations like

The Toilet situation

Random young girl : Hey do you want to see a picture of me when i was fat ?

Me : Err :/

(the random little girl doesn’t acknowledge my un caring confusion and reveals the 11-15 oyster card )

Random little girl : Look !!!! Do i look at me when i was fat , do i look good now ?

Me : Er Yes (Still confused to why she asked me this on her way out from the toilet)


2nd encounter

Young british raver : IM AT A F@KING RAVE MATE !! IM AT A F@KING RAVE MATE !!

My response :  Meh


The Last thing that was a big issue .Young people selling drugs as other things .

Young Girl : Lets sell this Ketamine as MDMA so people Take to much and K Hole , hahahahah

Oh my the youth of today is leading astray , know wonder there have been so many deaths around research chemicals .

We need to bring back the passion, the drive, the charisma, the over 18’s,good music , cheaper rave tickets, allowance of alcohol into the venues, If any then ,Reliable Street Pharmacist. Saying this there are a few London warehouse parties which supply this but there rare , very very rare

Bring Back ‘PhantaziaGenisis’Moondance