The artists you would have heard of and the collective you’ve never stumbled upon .

A Collective of the sonic modern arts : Founded in Scotland by Mike Slott, Dominic Flannigan, Martyn Flyn & Hudson Mohawke .The collective of over 20  Artist and designers from Brooklyn to Glasgow supplying some of the freshest music and art today.”LuckyMe Records began as a 100 capacity club held in a vegan rock venue in Glasgow. We were a hip hop group who increasingly became influenced by the techno, house, jazz and post-rock. On the auspicious date 07.07.07 in the Chinese year of the Golden Hog we

started operating as the artist collective you see here today.” 

– LuckyMe Records

Artists include

americanmenAmerican MenAngo Lucky MeAngobaauerBaauerblessingsThe BlessingscidrimCid RimDemaDemaEclair FifiEclair FifihudsonmohawkeHudson MohawkejacquesgreeneJacques GreeneluniceLuniceMachinedrum-featured-imageMachinedrummikeslottMike SlottnadsroicNadsroicOBEY-CITYObey CityrustieRustiestype-eysS-Type

Ivor Williams


Christina Kernohan

Together they work and culminate there own EP art work ,graphics and parties . While the UK is on the forefront of emerging dance music LuckyMe’s Get down or Get out ethic ,combining artists and DIY business men definitely stand tall and victorious for there army.