Former presidents , Prime ministers , Members of the UN Entrepreneurs and Proffesors Lead  the revolution to understand and deal with drugs rather than turning it and carrying on this blood shed they call a “war on drugs”.They bring a new perspective on The war on drugs ,Giving personal upfront knowledge on the matters which lay close to there hearts. They are fighting for the right to change the way we are recking the world supposedly trying to find the way to illuminate drugs , without the need for war  or wiping out the growth of horticulture for years to come , Using force and money to enforce laws which  only help the creators of these laws , Have we really got anywhere all these years down the line ?Has Nixon not so wise words really helped in any fight against drugs?Or has it only Made the situation worse? Killed more people? Increased the amount of new research chemicals such as Mcat , Methylone  which have not had as much medical research as the more commonly known drugs such as MDMA Ketamine and Cocaine. Although though drugs are forbidden in most countries such as the UK,countries like Portugal have found very good light in decriminalising the use of drugs ,talking openly on the subject which is a common issue in every sort of social background.Talking about problems rather than combatting them with force anger and criminalisation can only make the users life worse stereotyping without trying to sort problems out.There are many reasons America use to excuse all the blood shed in Afghanistan . But you never hear the other side of the arguments from the people stuck in the frontline of the problem.This film shows it all In a beautifully honest new light

This is one not to miss


  • President Juan M. Santos Columbia