Definitely one of the Kings of The Biryani , They have conquered the spices, the rice to meat ratio and the techniques to keep the meat succulent and tender.The flavours burst your senses into overload , you dont really need another dish this is enough .All there dishes serve to please but trust me The Biryani is one not to miss.

VERDICT :Kadiris is Damn Hot!

How do They make their Signature dish ?

“Our biryani is served in a layer of basmati rice at the bottom and top. It is embedded in-between with tender pieces of meat, in a thick spicy sauce. This serves the purpose of capturing the aroma of unique herbs and spices and to cook the meat to perfection.”


26 High Road | Willesden | London | NW10 2QD
T: 020 8459 0936 / 020 8451 5525