Love hit two birds with one stone ,

and I am stoned

It would be safe to say im both hooked and drawn

with his essence so bitterly sweet

the magical works of a narcissist

for he for one is not the addicted , but is the addiction itself

alone i stand in this cotton shroud

but with his elixir i am found

my arms spread wide my body unleashed in flames

the worldly conventions counter act

my world and the world we leave behind seems


with an artistic syndrome,he acts with

much hypnotism and power

the power to absorb with human devour

without his syndrome it would be depreciation but with his syndrome brings heavyl destruction

i am up all hours with him

the tingle in my thighs

it is him the shiver down my spine and the rushes down my side

to others he is peace a breath of fresh air

but with me it brings trouble deceit and  disheartenment

his love is heavenly destruction

and i know im fading

into that ominous world of nothingness

the downward spiral i am gone

i am becoming the world i left , i am