I had the chance to see a friend of mine participate in ‘Art Battles’ at Webster Hall in the East Village, an event where artists from the top schools in New York compete in a live painting battle, with only acrylic paint, brushes, a canvas and two hours to create anything they like!

Body paint artists preceded the event with some fabulous designs (we even managed to get our arms painted), and aside from the painting materials in the middle of the venue, it was pretty much a club set-up. Four talented artists from Parsons (the school I attend), Pratt Institute and the Fashion Institute of Technology eventually came down to their lit up canvases in the centre of the hall, and as their time started, the music blasted and they began. It was so bizarre and interesting to watch artists work in a club scene, and to be honest they should do it far more! Just seeing their pieces develop over the span of the two hours they had was awesome, and the works were all so unique and free-formed. The audience were all going wild, and the presenters and DJ kept them going, throwing some freebies and cheering the artists on.

Unfortunately my friend, A.K.A. ‘Bucket’ didn’t win the prize which was a trip to Miami, but he said he had a great time anyway – he said the adrenline rush he got was similar to being on any sort of stage, which is not something that fine artists get to experience very much. It’s definitely something I will be doing when I’m a senior!