Bringing the Festival of Holi across the shores.
Jasper Hellman, Max Riedel & Maxin Derenko have bought the festival to South West Londons, Battersea Power Station. Holi is the hindu festival which celebrates the victory of the good over the bad and the beginning of the spring.
In bringing this festival around the world Jasper Max and Maxims ideas revolve around the basis of the festival but with a slight twist ,”As unfortunately there is a huge level of inequality in the world, people deserve a celebration where the everyday life steps back for a peaceful and harmonic being together. A pleasant and cheerful festival, which creates a sustainable feeling in the minds of the visitors and those who will read and hear about it. This Event has the power to directly promote and foster the precious goods of equality and tolerance and bring people together.”

 Saturday, August 10th from 12-10 PM.

Tickets for sale soon

HoliFestival London 2013

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