The Legendary TR Roland 808


What a treasure to any music producer .
One of the first programmable drum machines .
In the 1980’s the Roland Corp made a beat machine device which supplied the industry with a real versatile tool ,cheaper than the professional preferred Linn LM-1,the Roland TR 808 produced some of the most inspirational music known today . Experimenters and aficionados of the 808 beat machine included African Baambata , Warren G ,Aphex twins ,Jazzy Jeff , Warren G , Talking Heads , Ritchie Hawkin and orbital . Giving the world the classic deep bass kick drum, the ticky snare and tiny handclaps .All sounds which have not been forgotten are still being used by artists such as Kelis and Three Six Mafia
Although Roland do not produce the machine anymore you can still pick up the Roland TR 808 today on ebay for a price ranging from £2000 to £2500
the Roland 808 is still a highly acquired machine and has been proven to be a real fun to use , as i luckily had the chance to use and abuse the machine on my creative music production degree .
I Highly recommend this documentary on the Roland TR 808. Released in February 2013 named “Planet Rock And Other Tales Of The 808″this film reminisses on the musical 808 journey of Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force.

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“Planet Rock and Other Tales of the 808” – Teaser 1 from You Know on Vimeo.