On Saturday the 6th of July 2013 , Me and a group of friends decided to take on the sun for an early morning swim at Hampstead Heath ponds . Assuming we had beaten the crowds of sun worshipers we arrived at the mixed pools around 11.30 am(early we thought) but it looked like everyone had our great idea  , baring in mind there were hundreds of people already here for ‘the race for life’ the Heath was swamped.


Once at the ponds for a couple of hours the crowds got bigger as the sun got stronger ,It reminded me of the beaches of Barcelona .Space was a real free for all , with many people just dumping their clothes down and jumping in .


The vibes where great ,hundreds of happy londoners spread accross a beautiful north west london heath.With Hashish  flowing in the air , Ciders at the ready and an interesting influx of Nitros balloons and acid . It felt almost like a modern summer of love .

We well Reccomended  Hampstead Heath for your open air swimming and summer jams . Trust me its as good , even better than being on the beach .

No need to make your summer Playlist .SBTRKT’s Boiler Room set will suit all your needs.