The Great Stage – Sir David ‘Ram Jam’ Rodigan

SECRET GARDEN PARTY  25th – 28th July 2013

Secret Garden Party you always seem to blow my mind, year after year  .The many ways you entice me into your nooks and crannies can only be described in person , but trust me it will turn you on ! . We started the festival on Thursday with a plan of action and a timetable of who shall entertain me from Thursday to Sunday , but end up being dazzled , like a black birds eying up shiny jewels ,by an array of music and dance which heavenly interrupts my travels to my previously chosen entertainer . This happened all through my time at Secret Garden Party but i must say that is  the beauty of it , round every corner you have some sort of goings on which  the luxury of this festival is that you will get enticed into every worldly experience One of our favorites was the naked plunge pool.


Secret Garden Party – Art Instalation 


AllCityLivin’ Favourite Secret Garden Party Moments :

Disclosure b2b Skream b2b zed bias b2b artwork – The Drop

De Fuego – Small world stage

David Icke

Dismantle & Breakage – The Temple of boom

The Naked plunge pool

Eats everything – The Drop

Son of dave – The Drop

Dusky – The pagoda (Sunny Saturday on the Pagoda)

Faithless live – The great stage

Goldie – The temple of boom

Sam and the Womp – Where the wild things are

The Drop – The Rhumba Bar

Dj Die – The Drop




The Main Stage – Sir  David Ram Jam Rodigan     


So !

Come on people , Join us next year for more fun and frolics , put it on your ” things to do before i die” list and get down to Secret Garden Party.One for all the family young and old , you’ll all be getting down to anything from swing to drum n bass presented by some of the finest artists in music.  This magically special place in the heart of picturesque Cambridgeshire will never leave you disappointed (until you have to leave) and like a horny teenage boy , you’ll just want more and more .

See you next year !

Early bird tickets are on sale now at Secret Garden Party !  Tickets

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Temple Of Boom – Goldie 


The Great Stage


The Drop