Sunday the 11th of August 2013 – The Holi Festival of Colour ,Battersea Power Station 

Being promoted as the official Holi festival in London this Summer (not to be confused with rival

Holi One festival), All City Livin went to see what the hype was about. With a line-up including theimage001

Bombay Boogie Soundsystem, K-Paul and Stereo Express from Germany as well as our very own

Benga, it was all set up to be a day filled with beats and colour at Battersea Power Station.

The music didn’t disappoint, sets from DJs earlier in the day were hip hop heavy with a few club

anthems thrown in and a lot of paint covered twerking. Sets got bassier as everyone got messier (in

every way imaginable) with Bengas set being a highlight for dubstep fans and myself, although the

DJs and music as a whole were pretty secondary to the real reason why everyone was at this festival.


Many people have said that the Holi festivals that have been happening in London this Summer

have been a westernisation/bastardisation of the Hindu festival Holi and essentially is monetising

a religious festival. Though I don’t think this is true. In its London form it’s an excuse for people to

throw paint, in the sunshine whilst dancing all day. I spoke to a couple of people at the event who

image009had been to the ‘official’ Holi festival in India who said that they didn’t mind London recreating it but

that it wasn’t as good as the authentic one.


The powder paint throwing part of the day was awesome. A lot of paint throwing is done but the

biggest spectacle was that of the countdowns (pictured above). One of the most ridiculous things I

have experienced in my life. Viewing it from afar is amazing in itself, being in one not so fun. I’m sure

that my lungs are still covered in paint.


Only negatives I have to say about the event was that it was a bit long to buy anything. You had

to change your normal money into tokens which you used to buy everything and tricked you into

thinking you were spending less money. For example, a beer in Holi Festival money was 1.5 tokens.

But, baring in mind 1 token = three quid you could easily spend £15 (5 tokens) without realising it.

Token issues aside, HFC was an epic day. With a proper festival atmosphere with actual happy.

Token issues aside, HFC was an epic day. With a proper festival atmosphere with actual happy

people in London. Which made a change. I hope they do it even bigger when Holi comes around in

the Spring.

– Natalie Compas