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LONDON EVENT UPDATE : Red Bull Revolutions of Sound @ The London Eye

Video:Red Bull Revolutions in sound 2011

At 10am today you will be able to purchase your tickets for one of the 30 innovative club night capsules on the London Eye presented by the one and only Red Bull Music Academy.

Event date :14th of November 2013

Time : 6.00

Price : £15 for capsules , £5 for silent disco

Tickets are available from 10 am on the 10th of october on Red Bull Revolutions In Sound

Promotors include :

Its going to be mega!

The Places You Are Most Afraid to Travel to, Will Welcome You With Open Arms

When AllCityLivin’ come across information which needs to be heard , we will make sure you hear it . We like to inform you on the blogs that inspire us to step out the box Traversing is what makes life fun , finding that niche that makes you happy to be alive.

Generation Passport will get you out of that box and get Inspired to explore.

Review: First friday @ Urbanwoot with Jesse Dunford wood & The parlour : Lucky for some

Friday 13th’s Try Your Luck supper night kicked off our #FourFridays season with a bang! The full house enjoyed a wonderful evening of entertainment, glorious food and learning and testing everyone’s knowledge of Luck! Dr Matthew Smith (PhD Luck, award winning Luck psychologist, honest look him uphere) presented some interesting scientific findings about ‘lucky’ people, of course the room was full of lucky people by virtue of being a part of our first wonderful evening. watch out for news about Dr. Smith and Urban Woot’s Luck School coming soon. Jesse Dunford Wood and JP from Parlour, Kensal Green, created a magical spread of gorgeous food, (Menu on the right)DSCF4766

Jesse Dunford wood & JP , preparation time.

The food just kept coming, tasty dishes that started conversations and audible “hmmms. Expect the unexpected, wonderful surprises both sweet and savoury.

Friday 13th Lucky Winners!
Hidden tiny horseshoes tested the luck of all, the 2 luckiest people in the room found them; Chenai and Tuur were suitably rewarded! The lucky raffle prize winners Beverley, Kate, Vera and Rachel (all extremely lucky women). The extremely difficult (noted) quiz on Luck was won by the Luck Be a Ladeez team, who are coming back to Urban Woot for a bespoke session on Motivation & Change.

























…Mystery Desert



Urbanwoot x Jesse Dunford Wood x The parlour @Urbanwoot



LOL Four Fridays Supper 20th Sept

Following on from #FourFridays Friday 13th luxury food fest Urban Woot and Jesse Dunford Wood of Parlour (Kensal Green) would love you to come and share more plates of perfectly created tasty food this Friday. Along side of a luxury quiz about humour, laughter and endorphins, we are delighted to announce that performance poet Errol McGlashon will be guest hosting. Errol promises to bring a smile to your face and stretch your laughing capacity during this evening.

Humour is an amazing medicine, we all need laughter in our lives, the capacity to laugh in the face of adversity is a well known coping mechanism. This evening is about humour, get ready for a fast paced quick humoured quiz on comedy! And of course there will be raffle prizes and great people.

“Laughter is brightest where food is best.”

Irish Proverb

Click Here to Book


Urbanwoot’s toilet black board



Jesse Dunford Wood X JP (The parlour)

Review: Bestival 2013
















Bestival promised you a 10th Birthday Spectacular and that’s exactly what happened!  Four incredible days of unadulterated fun made our 10th Bestival the very best one yet. From the simply stunning new arena The Port and the madness of Lionel Richie’s inflatable head, to jaw-dropping headline sets from Fatboy Slim, Snoop Dogg and Elton John, we’ve had the time of our lives aboard HMS Bestival and it’s all down to what a fantastic crowd of sea-faring folk we had with us, so we’d like to say a huge thank you to each and every one of you that made it so special. Thank you!

Rob da Bank says: “Ahoy shipmates! Sadly it’s now time to disembark the good ship HMS Bestival and pack up The Port till next year. Words fail us in the Bestival office as to how fantastic a crowd you guys were and what a spectacle you all made right across the weekend, so big up and respect to all of you. Thanks to Mother Nature for a nearly all sunny show and we hope you all enjoyed all the amazing live acts, DJs, films, comedians, walkabout and actors as much as we did. A vintage year for Bestival and we owe it to all of you. We’re off to wash our hair and think of a theme for Bestival 2014. Get ya thinking caps on”!

There may have been a few showers but they never dampened spirits and there was sunshine and lots of smiling faces every single day.  Fatboy Slim raised the bar to new heights for Main Stage headline sets on Friday and told us that it was: one of the classic gigs of the year!

Bringing the show to a dizzying climax, the likes of which we may never see again, Elton John and his band, were life affirmingly brilliant and it seems the feeling is mutual as commenting on his set Sir Elton said it was: One of the best evenings of my career. Amazing!”

If you’re after a lasting memento of one of the greatest sets in Bestival history then you’re in luck as Elton John’s set was recorded live and is now available to buy with a share of proceeds from sales going to charity including the Isle of Wight Youth Trust which offers counselling, advice, information and support services to young people aged 25 and under on the Isle of Wight.

Special guests Concert Live were aboard HMS Bestival and captured Elton’s first UK camping festival set since 1969. Available separately or as part of a special edition bundle offer, featuring a digital edition of Elton’s forthcoming album, ‘The Diving Board’ – order the rarest live recording from Bestival now!

And make sure you check out our fantastic highlights photo gallery with some breathtaking pics from across the weekend!

Finally, if you enjoyed our little trip in HMS Bestival as much as we did, you’ll be pleased to hear that Early Bird tickets for Bestival 2014, which takes place from September 4th – 7th will go on sale at 10am this Friday, 13th September and will be available through our groundbreaking payment plan!

Make sure you check www.Bestival.net and our Facebook and Twitter for the amazing photo gallery and YouTube films of an unforgettable weekend. And don’t forget to tag your tweets #hmsbestival.


Why is it that the newest additions to the English Dictionary , Really grate on me ? ‘SRSLY’


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 10.44.26Could it be that many of the words are just stupid informal abbreviations of words that already have meanings or is it that we do not have enough time in our lives to write ‘srsly’ ‘seriously; . Are we now going to base english linguistics on the most common abbreviations and pseudonyms that are used on Facebook and twitter .Some of the words are self explanatory for e.g. click and collect , the meaning is in the f**king context (the chances are when you see this combination of words ,you will be looking at a shop which is ultimately trying to sell you an item which ultimately can be bought at their shop) It really isn’t hard, do we really need to stick the meaning of ‘click and collect’ in the Oxford dictionary. Twerk and Selfie aren’t the most entertaining new words they’ve updated have a look for yourself.


A selection of new words added to Oxford Dictionaries Online ( The most updated version of the English Oxford Dictionary)

• apols, pl. n. (informal): apologies.

 A/W, abbrev.: autumn/winter (denoting or relating to fashion designed for the autumn and winter seasons of a particular year). (See also S/S)

• babymoon, n. (informal): a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born; a period of time following the birth of a baby during which the new parents can focus on establishing a bond with their child.

• balayage, n.: a technique for highlighting hair in which the dye is painted on in such a way as to create a graduated, natural-looking effect.

• bitcoin, n.: a digital currency in which transactions can be performed without the need for a central bank.

• blondie, n.: a small square of dense, pale-coloured cake, typically of a butterscotch or vanilla flavour.

• buzzworthy, adj. (informal): likely to arouse the interest and attention of the public, either by media coverage or word of mouth.

• BYOD, n.: abbreviation of ‘bring your own device’: the practice of allowing the employees of an organization to use their own computers, smartphones, or other devices for work purposes.

• cake pop, n.: a small round piece of cake coated with icing or chocolate and fixed on the end of a stick so as to resemble a lollipop.

• chandelier earring, n.: a long, elaborate dangling earring, typically consisting of various tiers of gemstones, crystals, beads, etc.

• click and collect, n.: a shopping facility whereby a customer can buy or order goods from a store’s website and collect them from a local branch.

• dappy, adj. (informal): silly, disorganized, or lacking concentration.

• derp, exclam. & n. (informal): (used as a substitute for) speech regarded as meaningless or stupid, or to comment on a foolish or stupid action.

• digital detox, n.: a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction in the physical world.

• double denim, n.: a style of dress in which a denim jacket or shirt is worn with a pair of jeans or a denim skirt, often regarded as a breach of fashion etiquette.

• emoji, n: a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication.

• fauxhawk, n: a hairstyle in which a section of hair running from the front to the back of the head stands erect, intended to resemble a Mohican haircut (in which the sides of the head are shaved).

• FIL, n.: a person’s father-in-law (see also MILBILSIL).

• flatform, n.: a flat shoe with a high, thick sole.

• FOMO, n.: fear of missing out: anxiety that an exciting or interesting event may currently be happening elsewhere, often aroused by posts seen on a social media website.

• food baby, n.: a protruding stomach caused by eating a large quantity of food and supposedly resembling that of a woman in the early stages of pregnancy.

• geek chic, n.: the dress, appearance, and culture associated with computing and technology enthusiasts, regarded as stylish or fashionable.

• girl crush, n. (informal): an intense and typically non-sexual liking or admiration felt by one woman or girl for another.

• grats, pl. n. (informal): congratulations. • guac, n.: guacamole.

• hackerspace, n.: a place in which people with an interest in computing or technology can gather to work on projects while sharing ideas, equipment, and knowledge.

 Internet of things, n.: a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data.

• jorts, pl. n.: denim shorts.

• LDR, n.: a long-distance relationship. • me time, n. (informal): time spent relaxing on one’s own as opposed to working or doing things for others, seen as an opportunity to reduce stress or restore energy.

• MOOC, n.: a course of study made available over the Internet without charge to a very large number of people.

omnishambles, n. (informal): a situation that has been comprehensively mismanaged, characterized by a string of blunders and miscalculations.

• pear cider, n.: an alcoholic drink made from the fermented juice of pears.

• phablet, n.: a smartphone having a screen which is intermediate in size between that of a typical smartphone and a tablet computer.

• pixie cut, n.: a woman’s short hairstyle in which the hair is cropped in layers, typically so as to create a slightly tousled effect.

• selfie, n. (informal): a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

• space tourism, n.: the practice of travelling into space for recreational purposes.

• squee, exclam. & v. & n. (informal): (used to express) great delight or excitement.

• srsly, adv. (informal): short for ‘seriously’.

• street food, n.: prepared or cooked food sold by vendors in a street or other public location for immediate consumption.

• TL;DR, abbrev.: ‘too long didn’t read’: used as a dismissive response to a lengthy online post, or to introduce a summary of a lengthy post.

• twerk, v.: dance to popular music in a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance.

• unlike, v.: withdraw one’s liking or approval of (a web page or posting on a social media website that one has previously liked).

• vom, v. & n. (informal): (be) sick; vomit.

“Dear Oxford Dictionary Are you trying to dumb down the English Language , which has already been Dumbed down from the social media sites ? We already have a problem with the over use of the internet to converse with our friends and family , rather than talking face to face or speaking or calling . Next time you’re around your friends or family ,try to say ‘srsly’ in a sentence . I have tried it .It doesn’t work ! Yes, the person understood the context of my sentence but stumbled on some of my pronunciation ………. ”

Look I am no super English linguist or a grammar nazi, but it is pretty pathetic .

Anyway If this is how the Oxford dictionary is rolling , they might as well be quoting its words from the Urban Dictionary .

No Negotiation: China and Russia Walk Out of UN Security Council Meeting: “This Isn’t An Exercise”

This is such an interesting article from The R aw Scoop  !

REVIEW : The Holi Festival of Colour , London

Sunday the 11th of August 2013 – The Holi Festival of Colour ,Battersea Power Station 

Being promoted as the official Holi festival in London this Summer (not to be confused with rival

Holi One festival), All City Livin went to see what the hype was about. With a line-up including theimage001

Bombay Boogie Soundsystem, K-Paul and Stereo Express from Germany as well as our very own

Benga, it was all set up to be a day filled with beats and colour at Battersea Power Station.

The music didn’t disappoint, sets from DJs earlier in the day were hip hop heavy with a few club

anthems thrown in and a lot of paint covered twerking. Sets got bassier as everyone got messier (in

every way imaginable) with Bengas set being a highlight for dubstep fans and myself, although the

DJs and music as a whole were pretty secondary to the real reason why everyone was at this festival.


Many people have said that the Holi festivals that have been happening in London this Summer

have been a westernisation/bastardisation of the Hindu festival Holi and essentially is monetising

a religious festival. Though I don’t think this is true. In its London form it’s an excuse for people to

throw paint, in the sunshine whilst dancing all day. I spoke to a couple of people at the event who

image009had been to the ‘official’ Holi festival in India who said that they didn’t mind London recreating it but

that it wasn’t as good as the authentic one.


The powder paint throwing part of the day was awesome. A lot of paint throwing is done but the

biggest spectacle was that of the countdowns (pictured above). One of the most ridiculous things I

have experienced in my life. Viewing it from afar is amazing in itself, being in one not so fun. I’m sure

that my lungs are still covered in paint.


Only negatives I have to say about the event was that it was a bit long to buy anything. You had

to change your normal money into tokens which you used to buy everything and tricked you into

thinking you were spending less money. For example, a beer in Holi Festival money was 1.5 tokens.

But, baring in mind 1 token = three quid you could easily spend £15 (5 tokens) without realising it.

Token issues aside, HFC was an epic day. With a proper festival atmosphere with actual happy.

Token issues aside, HFC was an epic day. With a proper festival atmosphere with actual happy

people in London. Which made a change. I hope they do it even bigger when Holi comes around in

the Spring.

– Natalie Compas



LONDON EVENT : RBMA Revolutions in Sound returns for 2013



Red Bull Revolutions in Sound returns to the EDF Energy London Eye on 14th November for a grand finale to an epic celebration of UK club culture as part of Red Bull Music Academy’s 15th Birthday.

In 2011 Revolutions in sound launched presenting 30 gigs in 30 capsules featuring acts from Don Letts to Rob Da Bank. Back again for 2013 Revolutions in sound will be exploring 30 of the UK’s club night king pins .

Hosting the pods on the 14th of November 2013

Danny Rampling’s Acid House incubator Shoom

Steve Strange’s New Romantic haunt The Blitz Club

electro juggernaut Bugged Out!

Gilles Peterson and Patrick Forge’s Talkin’ Loud and Saying Something

Glasgow’s Sub Club

D’n’B stable Metalheadz

Bristol’s Motion

 London Warehouse Events

 Sheffield’s Jive Turkey


West London hip hop party Yo Yo

With more acts to be announced and applications open in September we highly recommend To Keep an eye on Twitter #RevsInSound , where you can stay updated on the event. application ballot and acts .

Revolutions in sound will also be creating a living archive of Club Culture to launch in association with Google+ this online hub will invite Djs, clubs and fans to chart their dance floor meanderings and musical awakenings to create an interactive and ever evolving database of clubbing.

Red Bull Music Academy

Twitter #RevsInSound

GARMS&FASHION: Stussy X Yo! MTV Raps Collaboration

Stüssy x Yo! MTV Raps – Part 1 – The Importance of Yo! MTV Raps from Stussy on Vimeo.

Stussys Newest Collaboration with Yo! MTV Raps Two iconic names ,bringing the best of Hip Hop on to our screens from 1988 to 1995 ,while Stussy brings the best of California style on to bodies around the world. The Stussy X Yo! MTV Raps collection is available at Stussy stus STU

LONDON EVENT : SYSTEM Carnival Special @ The Dome ,Tuffnell Park ,LDN

On the 23rd of August SYSTEM SOUND presents the Carnival special

This night is a must !

Supplying you with System music to make you mind step. These ultimate dub sessions situated at the intimate Dome venue in Tuffnell Park has been a real favourite for AllCityLivin’ , With the best Dj’s, great crowd and maybe a spot of live Sax , SYSTEM is full of pure good vibes . This event is strictly for the music lovers forget your ego’s at home.

Date : 23rd August 2013

Time : 10:00 till 3.00am

Tickets are £10 in advance more on the door

N19 5QQ

See you there .

AllCityLivin’ Music From The Streets Of London : Del Boy , Neasden

Music From The Streets Of London


Neasden , North West London

If you ever happen to be in Neasden you may have exchanged a smile with this lovely fellow , who entertains and puts a smile on the faces of the passing people in Neasden, with his free beautifully performances.

EVENT REVIEW : Secret Garden Party festival 2013


The Great Stage – Sir David ‘Ram Jam’ Rodigan

SECRET GARDEN PARTY  25th – 28th July 2013

Secret Garden Party you always seem to blow my mind, year after year  .The many ways you entice me into your nooks and crannies can only be described in person , but trust me it will turn you on ! . We started the festival on Thursday with a plan of action and a timetable of who shall entertain me from Thursday to Sunday , but end up being dazzled , like a black birds eying up shiny jewels ,by an array of music and dance which heavenly interrupts my travels to my previously chosen entertainer . This happened all through my time at Secret Garden Party but i must say that is  the beauty of it , round every corner you have some sort of goings on which  the luxury of this festival is that you will get enticed into every worldly experience One of our favorites was the naked plunge pool.


Secret Garden Party – Art Instalation 


AllCityLivin’ Favourite Secret Garden Party Moments :

Disclosure b2b Skream b2b zed bias b2b artwork – The Drop

De Fuego – Small world stage

David Icke

Dismantle & Breakage – The Temple of boom

The Naked plunge pool

Eats everything – The Drop

Son of dave – The Drop

Dusky – The pagoda (Sunny Saturday on the Pagoda)

Faithless live – The great stage

Goldie – The temple of boom

Sam and the Womp – Where the wild things are

The Drop – The Rhumba Bar

Dj Die – The Drop




The Main Stage – Sir  David Ram Jam Rodigan     


So !

Come on people , Join us next year for more fun and frolics , put it on your ” things to do before i die” list and get down to Secret Garden Party.One for all the family young and old , you’ll all be getting down to anything from swing to drum n bass presented by some of the finest artists in music.  This magically special place in the heart of picturesque Cambridgeshire will never leave you disappointed (until you have to leave) and like a horny teenage boy , you’ll just want more and more .

See you next year !

Early bird tickets are on sale now at Secret Garden Party !  Tickets

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The Temple Of Boom – Goldie 


The Great Stage


The Drop

EVENT : RBMA Soundsystem Nottinghill carnival:David Rodigan Presents Damian ,Stephen & Julian Marley ,T-Williams , Disclosure & More


Its that time of the year again , Nottinghill Carnival Is just round the corner and Red Bull Music Academy are back once again to bless West London’s Under The Westway with a mighty array of carnival selectors.

Taking the reigns this year from  Previous hosts Major Lazer , Will be the Don Dada of Dub and reggae Sir David ‘Ram Jam’ Rodigan . Rodigan has selected some of the finest artists to brace our ears today from Damian ‘Jr Gong Marley  , XXXY , Disclosure , Wayne Marshall and more , not to forget the very special guests .

There is only one place to be on the 26th and that’s Nottinghill Carnival .

For a chance to attend this very special Red Bull Music Academy Soundsystem party Tickets will be available  by a ballot held at redbull.co.uk/carnival. The ballot will be open to entry from 10am on Monday 12th August until 5pm on Friday 16th August. Lucky entrants will then be notified on Monday 19th August.

Subscribe to Red Bull Music Academy to keep up to date with News and Future events Red Bull Music Academy




cherryadevinyl700We are bringing it back a couple of  years to salute one of Londons finest Grime producers today, Darq E Freaker . If you haven’t heard of him ,You may know him by his track Blueberry featuring Detroit Hip Hop artist Danny Brown.

ART IN LONDON : Elephant & Castle

DSCF4537On wednesday the 24th of April A few friends and myself decided to head down south to our dearest haunt . A derelict delight of a vast disused council estate situated in the heart of London. A Perfect spot for painting and skating . As ever, we were in our element .








More to come ….


To give you a Taster of what’s to come :Skream & Disclosure B2B Boiler room

Secret Gardeners are you ready , only 7 days till Secret Garden Party commences and if you didn’t know already you’ll be surprised to know there are a few artists and D.J’s they don’t put on the line up to give you that extra pizzazz  of surprise.

On Saturday the 27th of July on the Intimate Pagoda stage (situated on the lake) ,Disclosure , Skream , Zed Bias aka Maddslinky Artwork will be tearing it up for 4 hours .

With the weather predicting lows of 10 degrees at night and highs of 32 day time , Saturday is looking Hot in every way (Forget those wellies at home)

MUSIC : Context Mc- Small Town Lad Sentiments (Mike Skinner Remix


Brand new Mike Skinner Remix of Context Mc’s poignant new track ‘Small Town Lad Sentiments’
Mike skinner fine tunes the track into a classic ‘Skinner’ Garage vibe turning the track into a blissful summer banger .


Check out Context original track ‘Small Town Lad Sentiment’ Out Now

ART IN SPAIN: Lloret De Mar , Barcelona

The whole of spain is inundated with colorful grafiti , Could have something to do with the Montana warehouse being situated near barcelona , But who knows .

All i know is there is nothing better than to see a colorful work of art on the walls as the sun gleams on it .

If you ever get the chance to go to Lloret de mar , Check out the sewers miles of great dubs and pieces.





To Be Contiued….

London Weather Report: 27’C ,12 hours of pure blissful vibes on Hamstead Heath

On Saturday the 6th of July 2013 , Me and a group of friends decided to take on the sun for an early morning swim at Hampstead Heath ponds . Assuming we had beaten the crowds of sun worshipers we arrived at the mixed pools around 11.30 am(early we thought) but it looked like everyone had our great idea  , baring in mind there were hundreds of people already here for ‘the race for life’ the Heath was swamped.


Once at the ponds for a couple of hours the crowds got bigger as the sun got stronger ,It reminded me of the beaches of Barcelona .Space was a real free for all , with many people just dumping their clothes down and jumping in .


The vibes where great ,hundreds of happy londoners spread accross a beautiful north west london heath.With Hashish  flowing in the air , Ciders at the ready and an interesting influx of Nitros balloons and acid . It felt almost like a modern summer of love .

We well Reccomended  Hampstead Heath for your open air swimming and summer jams . Trust me its as good , even better than being on the beach .

No need to make your summer Playlist .SBTRKT’s Boiler Room set will suit all your needs.


MUSIC : TA-KU – 50 Days for Dilla

A collection on 50 fresh soulful new school/old school Hip hop beats .You could call it a J dilla tribute album ,hence the (50 days for Dilla) .

 The picture Set and the soundtrack is produced by The Red Bull Music Academy alumni ,the great Dj and producer representing Perth , Ta-Ku.

All city Livin’ are definitely feeling this guys vibes , supplying some real cinematic hip hop beats  this is definitely a great album for all you M.C’s and rappers out there .With Ta-Ku laying the soulful hip hop foundations for your delivery.399138_10151433623909314_1748856826_n

Ta -Ku

Events: Innovation In The Sun, Lloret De Mar

All City Livin’ is off Espania this week, for 7 days of Pure Drum’nBass and Jungle on the sunny shores of Lloret De Mar , Barcelona  .This year they are celebrating 10 years of raving in Spain,taking over colossos and Europes biggest water park once again .Delivering the best in b and Jungle from Grooverider , Andy C to Kenny Ken ,All you drum and bass fans, this is one not to miss .

7 days of non stop dnb and jungle , this event is not one for the faint hear ted , Innovation in the sun  sorts the men from the boys .inno


Whether you’ve heard of this guy or not , I’m sure you’ll be seeing alot of him this  coming year . Born in Sydney ,Australian producer and Dj  Harley Streten known as Flume began his career producing music at the age of thirteen using a music production disc he found in his cereal ,and now he has gone on to make some of the most exciting music today . Unleashing his electronic music project upon the world.

Catch him at Dour Festival This year 17-21st of July 2013

For tickets check out Dour

For more information on Flume check out






The legendary British act have just confirmed they will be performing at this year’s Secret Garden Party. Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss return with an array of dance classics includingInsomnia and We Come 1. Arriving at the forefront of the mid-nineties dance movement, the group went on to win numerous accolades including Brit Awards during their reign as the UK’s leading dance pioneers.


Sister Bliss said: “Really looking forward to playing at Secret Garden Party.

As well as being a brilliant line up in a magical setting, it’s also our first time playing there, so we can’t wait to find out what delights are in store!

Think you may find us enjoying Rebel Bingo after the show… it’s going to be a Crazy English summer for sure!”


See you in the garden in July !

ART IN POLAND : The streets of Kraków

Thursday the 5th of June – Saturday the 7th of June

 AllCityLivin’x Urbanwoot Exploring the streets of Kraków


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